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WOW, there is only one thing to say; play it!
great work, thank you

Truly stunning,

Wow! This is one of the best games I have played on The visuals are amazing, the game play is intresting. Just wish it was longer. 


c'était très très chouette ! :D

(mais on ne peut pas *pet the creature*, et ça c'est toujours très triste T·T )

An absolute gorgeous game! Everything was so beautiful I think I cried a little! I hope you enjoy the video! 

Can you make a mac compatible version of this game?


what the system requirements to play that game?

Absolutely beautiful game to play. I did a video with no commentary and thank you ever so much devs.




Awesome game. I downloaded it a few minutes ago, and It's amazing. I get a bit lost since there is no text to explain the history, but I dont care too much about that. I'll keep playing it.


Check out this cool let's play video of this super awesome game! :D

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Thanks mate, have a great day!!

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I played this a while back, it was a decent little game!

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Yayy, rainbows everywhere! Bring back bright colour in the world! This game is a lovely idea, shooting colour everywhere to bring the world back to live.

Check it out, it's absolutely breath taking! And make sure to support the developer, because they well deserve your moneyzzz!

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Thanks! :D

This game is really interesting! I like the use of color and that white means death. I chose the wrong settings on obs though so it only recorded in 720p. The game is really pretty and vibrant, and the controls are solid. I don't know if there is any backstory other than the description, but I enjoyed it.

tengo problemas de rendimiento no va a mas de 8-10 fps :( ayuda !! pc i3 4430/4gb/1g gt9500 me corre gta v pero este juego no :( ayuda!! quiero jugarlo !!

I love it so MUCH!

You were Sophie's choice! Loved to review this wonderful game:

This game was amazingly beautiful!! I would love to see a major production come from this student game! Awesome job!

This was GORGEOUS oh mah gawd T_T

I got a bit confused during my run of the game, but it's still a beautiful, fun adventure game ^^ Loved it!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

A gorgeous game with a really unique style. Though personally I did get confused at some points, it was overall a fun game to play and I absolutely adored the mystery lying behind it.

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Absolutely beautiful game, lots of atmosphere lots of mystery and intrigue.

I did a playthrough of this game on my channel if you want to check it out:

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Quur is a messy and colourful game where you play an ethereal being capable of manipulating all around you. The game is so unique that it's hard to actually explain it whilst doing it justice.

The best way to show you is to, well actually show you. I made an impression video right here:

Great game! I really enjoyed the exploration and level design. And the visuals, so pretty. :D Well done to your entire team for putting this really well-built game together.

I really appreciated this game. I play a lot of bad stuff, but this was an incredibly polished game from such a small team. I really dug the gameplay! Looked great, too. Congrats, guys!

Is there any hope for a Mac port, or alternatively – has anybody tried running it via WINE?


We're tryiiiing, but it's difficult since we have so many custom shaders and are continents away from each other now... But we'll make sure to let everybody know if we succeed!

Wow, such an amazing little adventure, absolutely loved it! You guys did a great job! I suggest improveing the controls for keyboard and getting it on steam!

And the sky jellyfish were moved to tears...

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Interesting game, even if I did get stuck at the end.

This is a super beautiful game and i love the idea behind it!

Looking forward to a Mac build :)

I love finding beautiful indie games like this! The environment, color, and music are just awesome :) Love the game (besides the mean lizard/dog things :P) Great work!

One of the most beautiful indie games I've ever seen!
Well done! I don't know if I did too well though cause it felt like I did something wrong haha!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

I absolutely loved this game, the world is beautiful and the idea is very creative!

A wonderfully beautiful game! I loved the creature designs and the environment.

I realized afterwards I could distract the newts with the paint, tempting me to try again without injuring them.

Thankyou ever so much!

It seems beautiful! But colud you please add an option to lower graphics? My computer just can't run it normally...


Hello, friends! I wonder - how to contact developers team by email?

You can contact me at lucie.viatge at gmail dot com :)

Absolutely stunning work. Incredible artwork and sound design, really nice movement. Kudos.

Hey there, I finish a gameplay and it was a little hard to figure out but I think I was able to complete the game, If I missed anything let me know, good job I liked this concept a lot.

YouTube: Fellowplayer